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  • HomeSPA aroma diffuser

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  • HomeSPA aroma diffuser


Five-Sense® Aroma Diffuser

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The design of LILIEN is based on the ancient Chinese medicine concept of the five senses. It helps to achieve a healthier body and soul through the therapeutics of “five sounds’, ‘five colors’ and ‘five smells’.

1. Five sounds: the five sound elements in ancient oriental music(“gong”, “shang”, “Jiao”, “zhi”, “yu”)help adjust the human body enginery, pleasing the body and soul and improving health;
2. Five colors: the changes of color from blue, to red, yellow, white and black affect the human body physically and physiologically in a positive way. This balances body, mind and soul ,thus helping to achieve true relaxation and de-stressing.
3. Five smells: smelling natural plant aromas helps improve blood circulation, relax the body and the soul.

LILIEN is made of maple and glass. It is nice to touch!

The five senses therapeutical elements such as music, light and perfumes all demonstrate the special healing benefits and cultural dimension of the product.

LILIEN takes advantage of the ultrasonic technology to turn water and essential oils into a microscopic mist to ensure 100% diffusion into the air. This as to completely releases the active components of the essential oils, improving the respiratory system, moisturizing and improving the skin, and bringing the magic of aromatherapy to our lives.

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About HomeSPA Aroma Diffuser





Five-Sense HomeSPA


6.49 x 6.49 x 6.096in (165 x 165 x 155mm)

Material of body

Natural Wood

Weight in Lbs.


Coverage Area

538-646sq ft (50-60 m^2 )

Operating Modes

Strong aroma (auto shutdown time: 1 hour)/ Moderate aroma (auto shutdown time: 2 hours)/ Gentle aroma (auto shutdown time: 4 hours)

Filtration & Sterilization

Anion, Lysozyme filter, Vitamin C filter

LED Color

Blue / Purple / White (music changes along the light)


12 minutes music


Connectable to MP3, MP4, CD, VCD, DVD players

Water Reservoir Capacity

225 +/- 10ml

Power Input

DC 24V 15W


AC/DC Adapter 100~240V 50/60Hz