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We work with ancient porcelain techniques that date back to the Song dynasty. All our pieces are lovingly hand-crafted by potters working in the regions of China from which the pottery techniques originate.

Jun Porcelain

Puzhen inherits the traditional Chinese Chun porcelain culture for more than thousand years ago from Song Dynasty and Chun porcelain consider to be one of the top five antique porcelain. Chun porcelain enjoy high reputation of the spirit of art and elegant relic. Chun porcelain is preciously fired from the antique Chun kiln and it gives rise to the saying, “A family fortune of a million cash is unequal to possession of a single Chun porcelain fragment.”

Yixing Purple Clay

Purple Clay, also known as 'Zisha', is a rare natural mineral resource comprised of clay and other minerals such as quartz buried deep underground for years. Although it named "purple clay" it is usually rosely-brown in color. There will be some other colors appear as well, due to its unique blend of minerals. We seldom add artificial color to paint purple clay product as the sophisticated natural color is highly appreciated. Experienced artist could magically turn the purple clay to a refined product.