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Testimonials from Puzhen's Customers

“I diffuse certified pure essential oils every day in my home. Essential oils freshen the air very effectively, and depending on what oils I use, they can also help reduce stress, relieve nasal congestion, help the children focus on their homework, and more! I love how the Lotus diffuser from Puzhen enhances my décor, and also helps keep my house smelling wonderful. Because I only need a few drops of essential oil each time I run it, I find it very cost-effective. It is also very reliable—my first Lotus is 2 years old and works perfectly. I can’t say enough good things about this product!”

C. Incze

“I have been using a Lotus diffuser for 2 years in my wellness practice. Its efficient operation makes it possible to cost-effectively provide aromatherapy treatments to my clients. It is also the quietest ultrasonic diffuser I have ever found, so I can use it even in a small treatment room, without worrying about any disturbing or distracting noise. In fact, the bubbling sound of the water is in itself therapeutic! The Lotus is an excellent addition to my business, and has been worth every penny I paid for it.”

Owner of Oasis Energy Therapy

“I bought a Yun aroma diffuser last month. I love it and almost use it at home every night. I like the ancient Chinese music go with the device; it is such an impressive music. My home is always filling with good scent and my family members love using it too. The good thing is that the essential oil diffused is mild. They are harmless to my son and cat. My son even get less cold now may be because of the effectiveness of aromatherapy. I can say the diffuser is value for money.”

C. Dora

“What a beautiful ceramics tea set! I like it very much. I put it in my living room now. My friends can see it immediately when they come visit me. ”

P. Keith

“Puzhen's products are chic and purposeful. I use them in my Yoga classroom and my high school English classroom both. The aroma diffuser helps diffuse bad juju in my classes. Thanks Puzhen!

S. Meilleur, Yoga Instructor and Teacher