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Pu-er Tea

Puzhen Tea

Pu-er tea has been long used in China for its many health benefits. The soothing relief from drinking pu-er tea has made it a staple in our culture and lifestyle. Many drink Chinese Pu-er tea to aid in digestion, lower cholesterol, cleanse the body, and to lose weight. Chinese Chinese Pu-er tea has a subtle, pure taste and similar to wine, the longer Chinese Pu-er tea is stored, the better flavor it has. Chinese Pu-er tea is perfect for any season and is a treasured gift that is shared. Consider Chinese Pu-er tea for your good health and gift giving.

Aroma Diffuser

Traditional Chinese aromatherapy has been used for ages as our ancestors from long ago found that natural plants had healing powers. A true medicine from the earth, traditional Chinese aromatherapy uses all-natural essential oils and aroma diffusers, helps cure many diseases and illnesses. Steam inhalation of essential oils has many benefits, such as purifying the air to kill common viruses and bacteria, Traditional Chinese aromatherapy moisturizes the throat and nasal cavity, and reducing anxiety, stress, cold symptoms, headaches, sleeplessness & more. Aromatherapy is a lifestyle that we encourage as more people turn to prescription or OTC medicines, why not chose an all-natural alternative? Instead of prescription medicines, chose a healthy alternative, traditional Chinese aromatherapy.


Dress your home like royalty with beautiful Chinese ceramics. You can own hand-crafted Chinese ceramics made from the highest quality materials. Puzhen’s Chinese ceramics are a true work of art full of tradition and culture. Each piece of Chinese ceramics is unique and slightly different due to unexpected changes in color during firing. Puzhen uses ancient Chinese ceramics craftsmanship, techniques, and tools to produce the Jun Kiln Porcelain. Chinese ceramics will welcome your guests with warmth and are a perfect addition to your home. Consider Chinese ceramics for your holiday and house warming gifts.