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Tea Culture

In ancient China, our ancestors drank tea for its medicinal properties. Today tea has become a largepart of many cultural traditions. Tea culture includes everything from the harvesting quality tea leaves, to methods of preparation, drinking traditions. The entire experience is the art of tea and essence of tea culture. Tea is the traditional drink of the Chinese lifestyle. Tea culture is observed for many occasions including: weddings, family gatherings, tea ceremonies, a form of apology, as a sign of respect for elders, and for medicinal purposes. Chinese Tea culture enhances well being, compliments any meal and is best when shared.

Chinese Ceramics

puzhen ceramics

China is known for developing the earliest pottery found by mankind. For thousands of years, China made porcelain in many forms including bricks, tiles, vases, tea cups, saucers, plates, and other house ware items. Puzhen’s Jun Kiln Porcelain is traced back to the Song Dynasty when Emperor Huizong appreciated these ceramics due to their thickness and strength. Puzhen Life appreciates the history behind Chinese ceramics and fires clay using the same ancient techniques. Chinese ceramics created in the tradition of our ancestors are pleasing to the five senses. Add Chinese ceramics to your table and welcome guests with warmth. The tradition of Chinese ceramics adds beauty and elegance to every home.


Traditional Chinese aromatherapy dates back thousands of years ago to a time when ancient civilizations used plants and essential oils for religious rituals and as cures for common illnesses. Ancient peoples found that from burning the herbs, woods, and plant oils, the aromatherapy can promote a state of tranquility and good health. Today, traditional Chinese aromatherapy and the use of essential oils has become a large part of all-natural alternative and holistic healing across the world. Traditional Chinese aromatherapy blends oils that please the five senses to create inhalations with healing powers. Add traditional Chinese aromatherapy to your lifestyle and discover the tranquility that comes from the inherent healing powers.