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Big Snow Ancient

Raw Tea

Big Snow Mountain wild ancient tea trees, Yunnan Province

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Pu-er tea is the treasure of teas. For centuries, Pu-er's benefits have proven to be weight loss, strengthened immunity, reduced inflammation, lessened fatigue, and enhanced memory. Pu-er is the only living tea, continually fermenting and becoming smoother over the years. The older it is, the better tasting and more expensive. Puzhen pu-er tea is organically grown on tea trees in ancient arbors deep in the tropical mountains of Yunnan. Cultivated using a traditional eleven-step process, Puzhen tea is mild and subtle, smooth and full-bodied. Slow down, retain the tea for a moment to taste its mellowness, roll the tongue to let it reach every part of the mouth, and savor the peaceful moment of harmony.

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About Big Snow Ancient Pu-er




Place of Origin

Big Snow Mountain wild ancient tea trees, Yunnan Province, China


Spring Tea

Tea Tree Age

Broad-leaved version of ancient tea plant, Camellia sinensis



Material and Processing Technology

Raw green tea leaves are carefully handpicked from the thousand-year-old ancient, wild tea trees from the Big Snow Mountain Tea Tree area, then naturally sundried. Handmade following a traditional and unique craftsmanship.

Growing Environment

Grown naturally in wild, tall tea tree forests in a humid and mild climate at altitudes around 3200 meters on Big Snow Mountain, with no artificial fertilization and pollution from pesticides.

Tea Liquor

Tea is beautiful and bright in color when brewed.


Sweet and smooth taste with a long lasting sweetness. Taste improves with age, becoming more flavorful, complex, and mellow.


Can be brewed repeatedly around 20-30 times.


Best when stored in a dry, clean, and cool environment with ample air circulation. The longer it is stored, the more aromatic it becomes.


Aids in weight loss, cools and refreshes the body, quenches thirst, promotes digestion, and soothes headaches and fatigue.

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